Welcome to Campervan Journeys Scotland

We are specialists in camper self hire and bespoke touring with a fleet of luxury campervans and a dedication to a personalised experience for each client. We operate affordable hire packages starting from only £100 per day* alongside a supportive service which will get you safely on your journey regardless of knowledge or experience

Offering safe tour practices in line with Covid 19

Terms & Conditions

License Information

Drivers must be between the ages of 21-69 years of age at the time of intended hire with a UK Category B license held for a minimum of 2 years with no endorsements or convictions.  

We will require to see your photo-card driving license prior to hire date, UK license holders must agree to DVLA check whereby we will view your license online at www.gov.uk/view-driving-license.

Viewing your license online will allow us to see: 

Category including which vehicles you can legally drive

Penalty Points, Notices or Disqualifications

Your Name & Last 8 identification numbers of your driving license

Additional Hire Requirements

We require proof of residence and address (utility bill, bank letter, credit card or bank statement) showing more than 9 months at current address. 

License Information for NON UK Nationals

We will require, in advance of hire date, the full driving license of each intended driver from your country of residence, and/or the international driving license if written in a different language to that of the renting country (UK). Your passport and proof of address for each intended driver (utility bill, bank letter, credit card or bank statement). 

Definition of Terms & Conditions

In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any other Campervan Journeys Scotland ltd literature or booking process the provisions of these terms and conditions supersede and in all events fully apply. 

DRIVER/ CUSTOMER/ HIRER means the person(s) nominated as the driver under the RENTAL/ HIRE AGREEMENT

CAMPERVAN JOURNEYS SCOTLAND's vehicle offer under hire as described under the heading 'Vehicle Details' under the 'Hire/ Rental Agreement' includes tyres, tools, accessories, living equipment, supplied contents and any other special equipment, documents relating to the vehicle and any replacement or substitute vehicle provided by CAMPERVAN JOURNEYS SCOTLAND

'HIRE/ RENTAL AGREEMENT' means the document read, accepted and signed by the hirer prior to collection, on collection and on return of the vehicle. It includes customer details, all driver details, vehicle details, rental period, collision damage and insurance information and departure and return checklist. 

1. Reservation 

Bookings incur a deposit of 25% of the overall hire period charged price, bookings made on our website campervajs.co.uk are bound by these terms.

Balance must be paid at the latest 14 days before hire start date by BACS to the notified account or by payment through our booking partner freetobook via our website.

All prices quoted and charged in £ GBP.

A refundable security deposit of £500 by BACS or in cash is required prior to any vehicle being released to the hirer.

Hire will be canceled and incur relevant cancellation charges as outlined further in this document in the event of any terms aforementioned not being met.

We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any hire within 48 hours of booking. Where possible we will seek to provide an alternative. Where an alternative cannot be found Campervan Journeys Scotland ltd will refund the booking in full.

2. Hirer / Driver

Drivers must be between the ages of 21-69 years of age at the time of intended hire

Drivers must hold a UK Category B license held for a minimum of 2 years with no endorsements or convictions.

Drivers from outwith the EU – it is your responsibility to contact us prior to or at time of booking to ensure we can insure you

Drivers are personally liable for all legal penalties incurred during the hire period

3. Hire Period 

'Hire Period' refers to the dates as agreed in the Rental Agreement

Campervan Journeys Scotland charge on a per calendar night basis

Minimal rental period is 2 nights

Collections must take place by 3pm on the 1st day of hire period as set out on the rental agreement and must be returned by 11am on the last day of hire period as set out on the rental agreement

Collections and Returns can be made 7 days per week

We can make exceptions to collection and return times by prior arrangement and an additional out of hours fee of £25 for each occasion of early/late return or collection

4. Hire Rates Include

Fully comprehensive insurance for UK and ROI for one named driver*

Full breakdown & roadside assistance

*excluding any insurance loading, extra charges may be incurred if the driver to be insured has a traffic conviction, is using a non-UK, non-EU, or non-Republic of Ireland driving license or is in an occupation which is deemed high risk.

**** Campervan Journeys Scotland will supply full breakdown cover to cover any mechanical faults to the base chassis of the campervan or motorhome. Any call out charges necessitated by the client through operator error, e.g. lost keys will be the responsibility of the client.

5. Insurance 

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided by Campervan Journeys Scotland to the driver named on the agreement holding a UK, European or Republic of Ireland Driving License If you are from outwith the EU, please get in touch, we should be able to insure you

Insurance for additional drivers is charged at additional £5 (GBP) per day.

Please contact us in advance if the hirer has an occupation connected to wholly or partly engaged in entertainment or professional sports person. Also jockeys and persons connected to racing or gaming industry or press/media of any sort.

Standard insurance excess per campervan is £1000 (GBP), in the event of any damage to either the vehicle interior or exterior or third party property the hirer will be liable for the first £1000 (GBP)

This does not cover the cost of repair or replacement of damage to windows or damage to tyres for which the hirer is fully responsible

Driving by an unauthorised driver invalidates all insurance cover – it is a criminal offense to drive without insurance in the UK and Ireland punishable by law

The unauthorised access of a vehicle or theft of a vehicle as hired out by Campervan Journeys Scotland will not be covered by insurance if the ignition keys are left in or on the vehicle whilst unoccupied and will result in the hirer being held fully responsible for the supply of a replacement vehicle

Insurance does not cover or include any item of the hirers personal belongings or possessions

No other hire or other form of insurance from any other provider is acceptable for the rental of a Campervan Journeys Scotland Vehicle

6. Deposit 

The refundable security deposit as detailed in section 1 of £500 (GBP) covers the proper return or the vehicle in the same condition as accepted at time of hirers collection 

This amount is payable in full by BACS or in cash prior to acceptance or collection of hire vehicle and is fully refundable within 48 hours (not including bank processing times) of accepted return of vehicle on the following conditions:

No damage to the campervan or any third party

Vehicle returned to the agreed location on the agreed date and time

Vehicle returned in the same condition as accepted collection, the interior clean including all cooking appliances, the fuel tank full, all items returned at end of hire period clean and in full working order (unless notified otherwise) as per the 'Return and Departure Checklist' issued at time of collection

No loss or damage whatsoever to equipment, fixtures, fittings, windows, tyres or any other faults as a result of negligence to the vehicle

Campervan Journeys Scotland will not be held responsible for any changes in the amount refundable due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates or charges to the refundees bank account

Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to increase the security deposit for specific events eg festivals or rallies or in line with other conditions as noted within these terms

A standard cleaning fee of £75 will be charged against the deposit if the vehicle is returned with an unclean interior

An additional sanitation fee of £50 will be charged if the WC and bathroom facilities including toilet are left unclean or unemptied

6b. Damage to the Vehicle

      In case of damage to any of our vehicles an administration fee will apply

7. Violation of Traffic Laws and Regulations 

Driver(s) are personally liable for all legal penalties, fees and fines pertaining to any traffic violation infringement under the current UK road traffic legislation applicable in the UK, Republic of Ireland and EU 

Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to securely retain the credit card details of every named driver for 30 days after the end of the hire period should any traffic infringements or violations be presented to Campervan Journeys Scotland

Driver(s) will still be held fully liable for any infringement or violation presented after the 30 day period has passed

Any speeding or parking fines will be liable to an administration fee of £20 for each item over and above the cost of the penalty for either

8. Use of The Vehicle 

During the rental period the hirer(s) agree that the vehicle will not be 

Driven other than in a cautious, prudent and normal manner or used in any way which could cause damage to the vehicle

Driven in a prohibited area, off-road or in any location unsafe

Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or with a blood alcohol level above that permitted by law

Driven by any person under 21 years of age

Driven by any person who is unauthorised to drive the vehicle as stated on the rental agreement

Used to carry more persons than is detailed on the rental agreement for each vehicle in accordance with provision of seat-belts

Left unoccupied for any amount of time with the ignition key in or on the vehicle

Damaged by submersion in water or allowed to be in contact with salt water

Used for any illegal purposes

Used in any race, rally, contest or show capacity

Used to tow any other vehicle or trailer

Used to carry passengers or property for hire or reward in any capacity

Used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives, munitions or other corrosive inflammable material with the exception of approved camping gas bottles in sealed compartment

Driven on any road surface that is not sealed, solid or bitumen

9. Breakdown

24 hour roadside assistance is provided under the hire contract, the hirer may instruct or authorise repairs to the maximum value of £50 (GBP), Campervan Journeys Scotland must be notified by telephone of any repairs in excess of this amount

Reimbursements for any amount under the £50 (GBP) as permitted will be made on production of valid receipts

10. Cancellation 

Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to cancel a reservation at either the proposed commencement of hire or during hire for reasons as follows: 

Named Driving License is not produced or valid in accordance with stated conditions

Failure to provide security deposit of £500(GBP) by BACS or in cash

Observed or otherwise notified over occupancy of vehicle

Address on driving license does not match billing address

Driving License is invalid in date or other form

In the event of a serious accident occurring (see Damage 5, 6, 7 & 8) the hirer must return the vehicle to Campervan Journeys Scotland at their earliest ability

Where any damage occurs to the vehicle Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to recall the vehicle and hirer to our collect and return location in order to have the vehicle inspected for safety and integrity

If any damage is found to be too severe Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to cancel the hire in full

Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to cancel any refuse hire to any person without stating cause. Campervan Journeys Scotland reserve the right to cancel any hire within 48 hours of booking. Where possible we will provide an alternative.

Where an alternative cannot be found, is impractical or deemed unnecessary by Campervan Journeys Scotland we will refund any monies paid in full.

10b. Customer Cancellation

Customers have the right to cancel their service with Campervan Journeys Scotland Ltd.  

Cancellations made within 30 days or more in advance of the hire start date will receive a charge equal to 30% of the full booking amount. Cancellations made within 30 days or less will not receive a refund. 

11. Hire-able Extras 

Campervan Journeys Scotland offers a bike rack to hire, chargeable additionally for £25 at time of collection

Camping gas will be provided on collection of vehicle, if additional gas is purchased during the hire period will will reimburse this on production of valid receipts

12. Conditions of hire

Campervan Journeys Scotland rental agreement is the sole contract for hire of any vehicle

Campervan Journeys Scotland take no responsibility for any delay, loss, damage or injury that a hirer may experience no matter how it is caused and by whom

No refunds are payable on hire from Campervan Journeys Scotland where are hirer changes or seeks or vary any agreement made after collection or prior to return of vehicle

These terms and conditions cannot be varied, altered or waived by any employee or representative of Campervan Journeys Scot;and, or by anyone providing services or facilities

Campervan Journeys Scotland cannot be bound by any representative or statement unless it is confirmed in writing by Campervan Journeys Scotland management

When leaving a vehicle at our premises we cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage that occurs

13. Collection and Return

The vehicle should be collected and returned to our location at the agreed date and time specified at time of booking and as set out under 'hire period'

Alternate collection and delivery locations may be available on written request

When collecting a vehicle please allow a period of 1 hour to complete necessary documentation, ensure terms and conditions are met and to be given a demonstration of the vehicle and its functions.

Vehicle will be handed over in a clean and sanitary condition as in accordance with our 'departure checklist'

No refunds are given for early returns, Campervan Journeys Scotland will not refund any amount of the hire cost for a vehicle returned earlier than agreed

At return of vehicle please allow for a further 1 hour to ensure the vehicle is in the same condition at hire and that the conditions of our terms as outlined here has been met

Campervan Journeys Scotland must be notified immediately of any late return to prevent driving outwith the terms of the insurance period of the vehicle

An additional charge of £25 per hour will be made for each hour past the agreed time of return

The vehicle remains on hire until full inspection of the vehicle has been made any relevant cost for repair to any damage or other unsatisfactory condition will be charged to the hirer(s) held credit card details within 14 days

14. Pets and Smoking 

Campervan Journeys Scotland policy allows dogs staying in our vehicles at an additional £30 flat rate, the dog must not be left unattended in the vehicle at any time and the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned of animal hair or a deep cleaning will be required at a charge of £200(GBP) deductible from the security deposit. 

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within our vehicles or awnings, any trace of cigarette smoke found in our vehicles or awnings will be liable for a deep cleaning charge of £200(GBP) deductible from the security deposit

15. Complaints

Campervan Journeys Scotland are contactable throughout the hire period via phone, messenger or email 24 hours a day

All faults, damage and complaints must be reported immediately

In the event that a complaint isn't satisfactorily dealt with we ask the hirer(s) to contact us in writing within 14 days of vehicle return

16. Privacy Policy 

- The hirer(s) is bound by our privacy policy which can be read at our website campervanjs.co.uk/privacypolicy.html